CSCI 125 The Village of the Sorcerer

posted on June 18, 2020, 3:37 p.m.



So Mr. Cleese was kind enough to show you his expectation of the final game. I will be posting more demo executable files that you can try as reference on this page.

For macOS executable:

For Ubuntu executable:

How to use?

Download the zip files using wget, then unzip using the unzip command.


Then, add permissions to executables

chmod +x *.sol

Now you can run the programmes (.sol files)!

If you want to feed in all inputs at once, copy and paste all input into input.txt, and do

./p017.sol < input.txt

This will allow the programme to take as input everything in input.txt.

Extra Sample IO for P016-P018


To run and get the complete output (the terminal cannot display that much), use

./p016.sol < > p016.out.tmp

This will redirect the stdin and stdout. You will not see any output on screen but all will be inside p016.out.tmp.


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